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This was a personal shoot in Bali with Yuki.

Yuki's mom is Japanese and her dad is English and the combination gave her a unique look often making people wonder where she was from.

Yuki was up for anything which makes me so happy when I’m photographing. Once I photographed a woman watering grass and she said, “I would never do that.” I think it more had to do with water scarcity but still that type of energy is hard to photograph. There is a rigidity that does not allow for a collaboration and with Yuki that was not the case.

We did all types of shots. Anything that came to mind. An art director at Us Weekly once said, “you are only as good as your subject and your location” after I had a less than successful shoot with a celebrity in LA. This advice has stuck with me and when I think about my shoot with Yuki, it comes to mind.

Yuki couldn’t take a bad photo and the villa where I was staying was quite possibly one of the most amazing places I have ever photographed.

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