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Aaaaaah, magazine work. I loved photographing for magazines, and in particular with Lily Alt, at Parents.

I used to photograph kids for them almost every month. Sometimes they would be kids I found, sometimes they would be kids I photographed on a somewhat regular basis because I knew I would get a great performance, and sometimes I would try out a new kid from a talent agency.

The story line for this shoot was, “don’t worry, human parent, your kid is no alien even though it may seem like they are operating in a universe with its own rules of logic and conduct.” It's a bit like when a 2 year old stomps on a big balloon and then demands you un pop it.

What is strange behavior to us, is actually normal.

Deb was on board, my stylist and biggest collaborator, who I have been working with since the beginning. She borrowed my dog in the 90’s for a photoshoot and we have been best friends ever since. She claims I handed my dog over (it was a puppy at the time) barefoot and wearing a nightgown.

She and I schemed to make homemade tin foil antennas and hats made from colanders to illustrate the alien theme.

The kids loved it — they played dress up, jumped on beds, and pretended to be creatures from another planet.

Who wouldn’t want to be an alien for a day?

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