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This was a two day shoot for a 5th generation family owned pet food company which was doing real well during the pandemic. The pandemic was a great time for pet stores and pet food companies.

The art director saw my video, “It’s a Dog’s Life” and reached out to license it. Soon after she reached out to have me do a two day still/video shoot exploring the relationships between pets and their owners that matched the feel in, “It’s a Dog’s Life.”

I had a great DP who was able to get into corners and low to the ground —with me— as he filmed and I photographed/directed. We were moving fast in order to get as many assets as possible so we became bound at the hip for two days straight.

We booked real people and brought on board a few people I had photographed before and had great results. In addition to the dogs we found a kitten litter and were able to photograph 9 kittens running in all different directions.

You don’t know the true meaning of “herding cats” until you have actually herded kittens.

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