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Stephanie Rausser Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated: 23 May 2022


Through this website and how we aim to do business, we don't seek to gather, store or share user information (PII - Personally Identifiable Information). Our business goals are to provide our photography services to relevant clients or businesses and from time to time market our services in a respectful way to this audience.

In aiming to achieve our business goals, there are 4 ways in which this website and our business does capture / store PII:

  1. Form Submissions - When users complete the contact form in order to make an inquiry to us.
  2. Email Subscription - When users complete the email subscription form in order to subscribe to our email newsletter.
  3. Cookie Consent - When users give consent to cookie deployment on our site. We use a limited number of cookies to improve site function for users.
  4. Use of Google Analytics - i) From time to time we will review overall usage trends on this website to better understand our visitors needs and make changes accordingly - e.g. Observing which countries our users are based in and which languages may be spoken there. ii) To review and improve the performance of any marketing activities that we may undertake - e.g. our email newsletter.

In all cases we abide by the relevant local laws and will do the upmost to protect our users PII and respect their privacy.

For any inquiries relating to this policy, including requests to withdraw consent, please contact lawrence@stephanierausser.com

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