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Ran Ran

Before returning to Bali in the summer of 2018 Erik, a bike maker, reached out to me to photograph a prototype he designed and wanted to produce.

The bikes were made in Taiwan and when he heard I was heading back to Bali, we all thought, why not shoot there? The bikes were supposed to be shipped to Bali from Taiwan but that did not happen in time so luckily Erik arrived with two unassembled bikes. The hardest part of the shoot seemed to be assembling them.

We found a boy and a girl around 8 and then we photographed Cleo, (my girl), her boyfriend, Chayton, and Yuki (to see more pics of her, see “Yuki” project).

Erik got Bali Belly and had to leave half way through the shoot so we ended up photographing the teens on our own.

We tried to make it look like we were not on a tropical island which was a bit harder than expected. Tropical landscape was impossible to avoid but the Indonesian ceremonies and the families on one scooter made it a bit tougher.

We kept the bikes for the remainder of our time in Bali and when we returned to California we gave them to two Indonesian kids who had never seen bikes with banana seats.

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