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This was a library shoot in LA with experienced models, beautiful and spendy houses, and lots of crew.

They brought me on board because they had already licensed my photo of a woman sitting on the kitchen floor eating ice cream. See below. Walgreens used the image for a full page ad and when it was time to do a library shoot they wanted to have a similar look.

The photos were to show how Walgreens helps its customers get, stay, and live well. We photographed models going about their daily life with partners, kids, parents, & friends. There were no products involved just people living a good life. It was one of those shoots where I had three assistants, lots of wardrobe to choose from, and models who work every week.

We photographed multiple days all over LA and my favorite producer Lynn Campbell, did an amazing job pulling it all together with no hitches, or rather, no hitches I was aware of.

I would give you her phone number but she has since retired even though she was not yet 40. Yup "the good die young."

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