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Kasey Blue

Kasey Blue was my stylist before she left The Bay Area for LA.

Whenever we photographed kids it made us both so happy. With her you could just see it when she changed the kids.

After getting married and having kids she started her own line of playful kid’s clothing, vintage inspired and a bit quirky. Quirky is always good.

We found three great girls, two of my friend’s daughters and one from a model agency in SF. We had each girl for 3 hours and we changed outfits as often as possible without making them feel rushed or overwhelmed. We were a nimble team and got a lot accomplished in one day.

For our shoot I found a mustard field in full bloom. If I was going to do a quick shoot I would have just photographed in the field and asked for forgiveness if I was told to beat it.

Since we were going to need a few hours I found the field’s owner and asked if we could use his field. He said, “my field would love for you to photograph in it.” I loved his response. Finding a unique location doesn't get any better than this.

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