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This was a personal shoot in Bali. It was surprising there weren’t more shoots taking place in Bali — it's close to Australia and there are more than enough production companies and talent agencies.

The most exotic and healthy travelers pass through. People stay for months at a time which often meant they had time for a photo shoot. If you add the weather and locations, the options are limitless there.

I would often shoot solo which meant I had a lot of t's to cross and i's to dot but there was something to be said about it being only me with my camera and my talent. It makes a difference and allows for an intimacy, focus, and collaboration that does not always happen when a shoot gets big.

Clementine was living in Bali (she met a boy there). When I saw her I loved her look, especially her freckles. Being drawn to someone for whatever reason (hair, eyes, height, hands, lips) is key to a photographer getting great results. I am good at noticing a beautiful aspect of someone and honing in.

I found a great villa down by the beach and photographed different people there over a few days. My favorite day was photographing Clementine. She was up for anything and so easy going in front of the camera. She didn’t mind getting naked, eating Bali’s exotic fruits, or letting me try some out of the ordinary make-up techniques.

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