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I was lucky to photograph for Tempur-pedic a few times. I started to think I might become a bed photographer (of course with people on the bed) as I started to have so many bed shots.

Jackie, the art director on all the Tempur-pedic shoots, was one of my favorite AD's of all time. She was so good at seeing the details and communicating what she wanted. This was a shoot to get more "memorable imagery emphasizing the positive effects of a goodnight’s sleep: renewal, optimism, energy, playfulness, vigor, and an overall sense of well being.” Who doesn't want a bed that can do all of this?

My job was to capture how a good night’s sleep can “transform your life.” We came up with a bunch of activities for people hanging out on a mattress — except for having sex— which is probably the number one favorite thing people like to do on a mattress.

For all my shoots I am asked to create an emotional connection. My job is to show a believable interaction & I have never been asked not to. I have sometimes been asked to bring it back a notch, in terms of how expressive someone is, but that’s it.

We photographed in LA so we had access to some spectacular talent. Several moms were cast with their real kids which always adds an air of believability and a step up in capturing an emotional connection.

I now have a Tempur-pedic mattress (they gave them away at the end of one of the shoots because who sells a mattress after someone has sipped tea on it?) and I have been sleeping happily, ever after.

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