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La Vie

Her complete name is “La Vie De Roos,” however I don’t think that’s her real name. She’s into yoga, Ayurveda, and goddess card readings.

La Vie is an influencer who was in Bali for a few months and in need of new imagery. In Bali there are a lot of influencers passing through.

La Vie had a lot of connections as a result of her great bartering skills. She exchanged photos for products in addition to room and board. Her last negotiation was with The Jungle room and that is where we photographed.

She was 6 feet tall, photographed well and knew how to perform quickly. LaVie had strategized and executed social media campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger before she became an influencer so she knew the drill and how to get photos fast and swap out accessories even faster.

She loved the photos we made and wanted to do another session but being that I like to be a bit bossy and direct my shots and she likes to be a bit bossy and direct my shots, I decided I already had enough good shots of her.

However, she has a baby girl now so I bet she still needs new imagery.

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