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Rae Dunn

I have always wanted to photograph Rae with my team.

Rae's business has been doing well for some time and when she reached out and said Design Styles, one of her 11 licensees, needed photographs of her, I jumped. In addition to the photos needed for Design Styles she wanted photos (without the products) for her own marketing.

Being photographed is not one of Rae’s favorite activities and we soon figured out one way for her to enjoy it more was to give her a shot of whiskey (unfortunately we realized this in the afternoon) and make sure her dog Midge was in all the shots with her.

My nimble team loved spending the day with Rae, & her husband Johnny, who produced the shoot. The only challenge was my arm which I had broken 45 days before and Rae sometimes disappearing right at the moment we were ready to photograph.

I probably should have used a tripod because of my arm but I have never loved using one unless I needed a long exposure of the moon — which I have never needed. Tripods make me feel claustrophobic being that I love to move around and be spontaneous while I’m photographing.

I also should have put a honing device on Rae so we could locate her throughout the day.

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